Saturday, November 12, 2011

Nuevas reseñas de "Hermaphroditism, Medical science and sexual identity in Spain, 1850-1960", en revistas británicas

En el volumen nº 88 (agosto 2011), 6, del Bulletin of Spanish Studies, editado por la Universidad de Glasgow, se ha publicado una recensión del libro de Richard Cleminson y Francisco Vázquez Hermaphroditism, Medical science and sexual identity in Spain, 1850-1960 (Cardiff, Wales U.P., 2009), firmada por P. Louise Johnson, de la Universidad de Sheffield. Asimismo, en el volumen 23 (2010), pp. 207-209, del International Journal of Iberian Studies (UK) se ha editado otra recensión cuyo autor es Santiago Fouz-Hernández, de la Durham University. Debajo reproducimos el abstract del libro:
How did Spanish doctors conceptualize persons believed to be a mix of the male and female genders during the period of 1850–1960? Such persons disrupted gendered and sexual givens, and from a legal and medical standpoint, required examination and determination according to their true sex in order to permit marriage, inheritance, and a “normal” social life. This volume charts the changing medical discourse on the “hermaphrodite” or “intersex” persons as the interrelationship between the body, biological sex, and gender was constantly reassessed and rewritten, making this the first major study of Spanish hermaphroditism for the period and an important contribution to the growing interest in this subject worldwide.

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