Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Francisco Vázquez publica un artículo sobre gubernamentalidad neoliberal e industria cultural

En el número recién aparecido de Periférica. Revista para el análisis de la cultura y el territorio, 13 (diciembre 2012), pp. 37-55, se ha publicado un artículo de nuestro compañero Francisco Vázquez, titulado "La disputa de las humanidades y la invención de la industria cultural en el liberalismo avanzado". Insertamos debajo el resumen del artículo:

In this paper we develop a criticism against the conventional defence of Humanities in High Education. This discourse of defence is usually founded in three principles: the dualism between mind and body; the social uselessness of Humanities and the existence of a transhistorical human nature. These principles have been openly overthrown in current time. In the field of Social Sciences and the Humanities, wee see certainly the rise of a neonaturalism, but in a sense non deterministic and objectivist. Secondly, we take account of the alleged social uselessness concerning humanistic disciplines.  Quite the contrary, these studies are used to shape skills and personal dispositions, so they contribute tu build subjectivites. Such subjectivities are today linked to a liberal advanced way of ruling, pointing to new ends: the brain self, the entrepreneurial self and the expressive self. Finally, we analyze the rise of new techniques in the field of Humanities, new practices tightly connected with the goals of neoliberal governmentaity and current entrepreneurial culture

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